inspired by Frozen, Ice Princess, Snow Queen & Mountain Guide.....

The classic tale 'The Snow Queen'  inspired the 2014 Disney spectacular Frozen!
Due to popularity we have 6 of our performers attending parties as Frozen inspired Elsa & Anna plus Kristoff!


NEW FROZEN FEVER inspired outfits.

Frozen inspired Elsa
The Snow Queen is a fairytale first published 1844 and written by the famous Hans Christian Anderson. The story centers on the struggle between good and evil and was the inspiration behind the acclaimed film 'Frozen' and its lead character Elsa.
Our poised and elegant Snow Queen will enthrall at any event! She attend yours dressed in her stunning ice blue gown covered with over 1000 crystals and snowflakes and of course her beautiful trailing cape. For the first time in forever she'll sing for your entertainment! Due to popularity we currently have several actresses performing this role.
Our Elsa inspired Snow Queen is available to book as a solo appearance or as a special offer Duet with our Ice Princess.
Frozen inspired Elsa Anna
Due to Frozen's popularity we have several performers available to attend events as Duets.
Shown here are real life sisters Jamie & Jodie, all our duets are great at working together to entertain your guests.
Frozen inspired Anna
Playing the role of little sister to our Snow Queen and inspired by "Anna" in Frozen, this young lady is fun and entertaining and loves to chat with your younger guests plus seranade them with a song or two.
Our adventurous Princess will attend your event in her embroidered velvet waistcoat and blue russian influenced skirt. Due to her popularity we have several performers attending as this character. 
Our Anna inspired Ice Princess is available to book with our Snow Queen and her friend Kristoff too!
Frozen inspired Anna
"ICE PRINCESS-Coronation"
Created just for Fairytale Party Visits, it consists of a hand decorated, brocaded, raw silk skirt with a glittery satin and silk bodice. 
Just right for Snow Queen Elsa's little sister it is modelled here by one of our wonderful performers - Jamie.
Our Anna inspired Ice Princess is available to book as a special offer Duet with our Snow Queen or her friend Kristoff.
Frozen Fever inspired dress
Inspired by the Frozen Fever short film and created just for Fairytale Party Visits, our Summer sisters unique outfits are accented by sequins and glitter. Our Snow queen's dress changes colour from blue thru to rich green. 
Our Anna inspired Ice Princess is available to book as a special offer Duet with our Snow Queen or her friend Kristoff.
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