Princesses Cinderella, Belle & Beauty!

3 of the most famous fairytale Princesses

Cinderella gowns
One of world's greatest fairy tales of good overcoming evil is Charles Perrault's 1697 story of a beautiful young servant girl and a special shoe that magically fits!

We have two outfits for Cinderella to attend your event in: Classic- a stunning ball gown made of rich baby-blue chiffon with a gem encrusted bodice OR contemporary style- Sky blue voile with butterfly and crystal accents. Both gowns have a HUGE fairytale petticoat and of course the magical glass slippers!
Cinderella is available to book as a solo character appearance or as a special offer duet with Prince Charming, Belle, Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid!
Beautiful Belle
The best-known version of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” was published in 1756 by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, and features a young girl named “Belle.”
As one who loves an enchanted ball, our Belle would be honoured to attend yours! She will arrive in her stunning sunshine yellow ball gown created just for her from glowing satin, trimmed with hundreds of sparkling crystals.
Beauty & the Beast's Belle is available as a solo character appearance or as a special offer duet with her handsome Prince or one of her best friends Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid!
From Charles Perrault's 1697 publication "Tales of Mother Goose," comes the triumphant story of Sleeping Beauty...

This kind and playful Princess will be thrilled to attend your enchanted event!  She will be dressed in her royal finery of satin gown with crystal embellishments, complete with crystal-encrusted crown.  Don't be surprised if she nods off though, Briar Rose LOVES to snooze!
Sleeping Beauty is available to book as a solo character appearance or as a special offer duet with Belle, Cinderella or the Little Mermaid!
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